Yoga Therapy
Group Practice and Individual Sessions


Yoga Therapy
Individual Session
Yoga Therapy (YT) is a guided restorative yoga experience. It feels like the union of yoga and massage, with a subtle/gentle dialogue for assisted embodiment. YT is also the means by which I educate self-care techniques with clients, to aid in developing a personalized self-maintenance practice. The benefits of yoga are as powerful as they are numerous. Through the use of guided assisted postures, the therapeutic effects are more approachable for all physical abilties.
  • Relieving excess stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Reducing pain and swelling of an injury
  • Conditioning performance muscles for athletic events
  • Enhancing the feeling sensation of embodiment
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Yoga Therapy Group Practice
Burlington Yoga (Sundays 6:30p-7:45p)
MetroRock Burlington (Wednesdays 5:45p-6:45p)

JGT Yoga for Climbers (All Levels)


  • Improves strength/flexibility balance for defying gravity
  • Increases self-awareness of movement patterns for maximized endurance and stamina
  • Conditions muscles to relax and restore on-demand

The intention for this class is to simulate a rock climbing experience, without a wall, for the purpose of gaining the strength/flexibility balance needed for vertical climbing. The advantage of practicing these motions on the ground is the added ability to ‘pause the climb’ and deeply explore specific spots when they present themselves. This approach shifts us towards a progressive understanding and resolving of physical complaints in real-time, rather than the ‘push through it and deal with it later’ mindset. As the phrase “knowledge is power” implies, an inquisitive awareness is essential for becoming our most powerful self; with it we can find the habitual blind spots and self-mentor through our obstacles.

Utilizing a physical focus on whole-body balanced flexibility - core control - and supportive breathing, we are able to effectively retrain our bodies how to move with greater ease and grace. This enhances our efficiency of energy output which maximizes stamina.

The mental focus that is incorporated into this class is the ability to “let go of” and relax one part of the body at a time while the rest is active. This useful skill helps us to fully benefit from a mid-climb rest before the crux, to restore strength between climbs, and to rejuvenate more deeply on rest-days.
Restorative Yoga and Massage (All Levels)

Step-by-step summary:
  1. Establish a baseline ("draw a map") of the tension that is present now.
  2. Set the purpose/intention for this session.
  3. Work within the pattern of tension to update it and release clutter; i.e. by connecting the dots of awareness and feeling how everything is connected.

I intend this class to be a 'guided personal practice' experience; meaning that while I'm leading a basic whole body sequence, I'm asking participants to discover for themselves what their body needs to feel restored. This allows you the freedom to explore what really matters to you (why you are in a restorative yoga class) while also learning new approaches for self-care.

Starting out with a mindful breathing exercise to engage a relaxed yet present mindset, we establish a baseline of our bodily awareness. Once centered, we progressively flow through different muscle groupings to "update our map" with where our body's tensions are. Using various props, such as blocks/ straps/ foam rollers & tennis balls, we'll massage out knots and discover the needed stretches for restoring balance and equilibrium. Verbal cues such as 'connect the dots of your tensions/sensations', 'breathe into the spot that makes sense right now', 'the breath is the stretch', etc.. enable us to access many different angles and dimensions of the body.

The general physical focus of this class is on the hips (especially flexors), torso, shoulders, neck and legs, as they are the standard weight bearing distributers of the body. However, once the basic concepts are established, one quickly learns how to access/release anything from anywhere because ultimately everything is connected.