Shamanic Healing

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Shamanic Healing
While I make no claim to the title of "Shaman", I am a student/explorer of the magics and mysteries found within this practice. In analytical terms, I think of shamanic healing as an Energetic Pattern Release modality. Energetic patterns refer to the phenomina of developing specific 'traits of being' as we move through life (habits, preferences, addictions, etc). These patterns generally shape and define who we are as individuals and our personal goals in life.

Issues which arise in one's life can be traced back towards outdated patterns and/or internal conflicts; specifically speaking, issues pertaining to the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual spectrum. This can be that feeling of being stuck in your own way without knowing why or what to do about it. As a shamanic healer, my role is to be 'a mirror' to help you see yourself more clearly, to locate the blindspots that are blocking your vision.

Like the interplay between cause and effect, tension and release dynamically affect one another. With enhanced awareness, we are able to discover the pattern, the ‘reason’, why our chronic complaints persist. SH is also excellent for easing traumatic pain.  Often the physical memory of the traumatizing event recreates the distress. This feels like being stuck in a repeating loop. Non-judgmental awareness is extremely effective at relieving the underlying fear and concern of the trauma; thus, allowing the pain to dissipate. While this may sound simple, simple is not always easy.

  • Clearing a path through inner obstacles
  • ​Enhanced clarity on the meaning of one's life
  • ​Decreased reactivity and sensitivity to 'triggers'
  • ​Harmonized range of feelings and emotions
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