Postural Assessments

Are you, or your office mates, in need of postural guidance?  

Common signs of poor workplace posture are: 
  • Neck and back pain
  • Cold or tingly feet
  • Eye fatigue and headaches
  • Painful hands and wrists

A workplace postural assessment is a session where I assist you in creating an office setup that actually feels good to spend time in. An unaware chair/desk/monitor arrangement may be contributing to harmful posture!

A JGT postural assessment offers you:
  • Simplistic and effective solutions for greater ease while working on projects
  • Personalized daily therapeutic postures and stretches to relieve accumulated stress
  • Advice for stationary offices, on-sites, and extended travel work stations

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"The key to a sustainably healthy posture is variability. "
~Jared G