Postural Assessments

You can add this is "Extra" service to your session at no additional charge. Just mention that you want to add this at the start of session.

Are you in need of postural guidance?  

Common signs of poor posture are: 
  • Neck and back pain
  • Cold or tingly feet
  • Eye fatigue and headaches
  • Painful hands and wrists

A postural assessment involves an evaluation of your posture and chat about methods for improvement. Discussion may include ideas of rearranging furniture for optional ease -of-use. An unaware chair/desk/monitor arrangement may be contributing to harmful posture!

A JGT postural assessment offers you:
  • Simplistic and effective solutions for greater ease while working on projects
  • Personalized daily therapeutic postures and stretches to relieve accumulated stress
  • Posture related advice for your workplace, household chores, and travel.
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"The key to a sustainably-healthy posture is variability. "
~Jared G