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​​Interested in receiving *free* practice PRYT yoga therapy sessions?


I’m excited to announce that I have begun the level 3 training of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) and am now seeking clients to practice with. Are you interested in receiving a *free* body-mind therapy session? All ages/body types/physical abilities are welcome and previous experience with yoga is not necessary. These sessions are one hour in length and are offered out of my home office in Waltham, MA.

A PRYT session is essentially a guided 1 on 1 therapeutic treatment which blends together assisted yoga postures, supportive touch, and gentle dialogue. This powerful combination of skills can help bring relief to physical-body aches and pains, bring balance to emotional-body highs and lows, and bring ease to incessant mental chatter. Beyond that, the intention of PRYT is for the client to develop an enhanced awareness of self-empowerment. In the client’s perspective, this shifts the focus of a therapeutic session from ‘receiving what the practitioner can offer me’ to ‘communicating with and learning from my own inner guidance for self-care.’ Surmised in a nutshell, PRYT teaches you “how to fish” for stress relief.

As a student of this style, I’m both excited to share this modality with you as well as to learn where I need to grow as a practitioner. In exchange for the session, I ask in return for your honest feedback on a five question post-session evaluation form. Also, if you are comfortable with your session being recorded, my PRYT instructor will be able to offer me direct feedback and evaluation of my skills so I may learn even quicker. To record or not is your choice and please note that your privacy is extremely important to me. Any recordings will be kept in the strictest confidence and only shared with my instructor in the interest of my personal training.


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Session Address: 11 Gale St., Waltham, MA 02453

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