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Massage Therapy
With a variety of approaches ranging from relaxing to invigorating, massage therapy can be profoundly therapeutic for many health conditions. The intention of massage therapy is ease tight and tired muscles so that they feel renewed and restored. 

My specialty, Myofascial Massage, is a massage style that is primarily focused on balancing the connective tissue structure of the body, also known as fascia. While muscle fibers will still be involved, the technical focus of the session is on the substance which connects the muscles and body together. Physically the approach incorporates slow steady strokes with the aid of minimal oil. This allows for a subtle heat to accumulate and help "melt fascia”, like relaxing wrinkles out of a shirt with a warm iron. When connective tissue is balanced, muscles have more available space to move around and rest; it's a distinct floaty/settled sensation.

This style of massage feels like a slow, deep & specific stretch throughout your body, gentle Yoga Therapy maneuvers may also be incorporated. By slowing down the speed of movement we increase the relaxation response of mind and body. This style is right for you if you want the results of Deep Tissue without the uncomfortable struggle.

  • Relieves excess stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Reduces pain and swelling of an injury
  • Conditions performance muscles for athletic events
  • Enhances the feeling of embodiment
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