My Story
Hello and welcome!

My name is Jared and I'm passionate about helping you reach your health & wellness goals! I've been therapeutically massaging since 2008. In the beginning I studied the modalities of Swedish, Sports, & Deep Tissue. After a few years of practice I focused on Myofascial massage as my primary style; generally speaking it feels like a slow, deep & specific stretch which loosens up the sticky spots. I love the variety of results that Myofascial massage can deliver; we can relieve TMJD (jaw) pain, hip/SI pain, soften scar tissue, 'thaw' frozen shoulders, ease headaches, deepen breath capacity, etc.

In 2012 I began a study of Shamanic Healing techniques and primarily trained in the Niasziih philosophy of energetic healing. Rooted in the Lipon Apache shamanic lineage, this four-year education helped refine my ability to detect patterns of health/wellness/disease. I believe that chronic pain and discomfort can be effectively eased with awareness of how they began. Working on the 'pattern' while easing the immediate symptoms tends to have a longer lasting effect.

After years of practice combining Myofascial massage with Shamanic Healing I realized that while my treatments were effective at cultivating wellness, my direct intervention was always required. In an effort to learn techniques for guiding client empowerment & self-care, I began studying Life Coaching and Yoga Therapy in 2016. With this additional knowledge I am now able to help you develop simple and effective ways to maintain health & wellness in between our sessions.

If you are tired of the same old pains and discomforts coming back time after time, schedule a session with me and we'll walk down the path of your life to ease forgotten & stubborn stresses.