Integrative Bodywork


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Integrative Bodywork
Often with repetitive movements and ignored injuries, the body becomes misaligned and unbalanced. This tends to result in pain, chronic tension, and a loss of range of motion. Complimentary to but differing from massage therapy, Structural bodywork is focused on optimizing and balancing the overall movement and functioning of the body.

Over the years I've received trainings in various complimentary wellness, energetic, and shamanic healing modalities. Combined together, I label it as "integrative bodywork"

This is essentially a Myofascial massage with a more clinical "get stuff done" approach. This style is right for you when 'relaxation' is not your primary goal (it may still happen though!)

  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased pain/tenderness
  • Enhanced embodiment and gratitude for self
  • Refined clarity as to 'what went wrong' 

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